How to Compile Professional References

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How to Compile Professional References. Your professional references can make all the difference when applying for a new position. A potential employer wants to be able to check that you are a reliable and qualified worker. Before you apply for a new job, you need to compile your professional references.

Consider past managers. The best professional references to list are people that you have worked under in the past. They can provide the best insight into your job performance.

List your past clients. Former customers can express their satisfaction with the service that you provided them.

Include a former co-worker. Co-workers can make excellent professional references since they can let employers know how you work with others.

Ask permission. Speak to the person that you want to use as reference. Let them know that they are possibly going to be contacted by perspective employers.

Put together a reference list. This will include all of your references, their job title and contact information. You should have a minimum of three professional references.

Keep a couple of professional reference letters handy. You should request a letter of reference from a former boss and a co-worker. A potential employer may wish to read these over.


Do not give your current boss as a reference if they do not know that you are searching for new employment or if you are not leaving on good terms. Do not be surprised if some people will not allow you to use them as a professional reference. Sometimes company policies prohibit it.


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