How to Prepare for a Marketing Job Interview

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How to Prepare for a Marketing Job Interview. Marketing interviews are harder than other interviews because if you can't sell yourself, then you won't do a very good job selling the company's products or services. But if you have any talent at marketing, you should be able to approach the interview as a sales pitch. Follow these steps.

Study the company intently. With the advent of the internet, there is no excuse for not knowing the company you are interviewing with thoroughly. Create a cheat sheet of important facts such as revenues, competitors, new product releases, good and bad press and annual report data. Mock up an organizational chart so you can begin to understand the management structure within the company.

Dress professionally. Invest in a good business suit, accessories and shoes. Women should dress modestly and should wear hosiery. Both men and women should have clean and styled hair as well as clean manicures. Do not try to stand out by wearing something outlandish or trendy.

Polish your resume, pointing out your practical experience as well as appropriate college classes. If you are light on practical experience, list class projects and volunteer work instead.

Gather your best work--either from college or at past jobs and create a professional portfolio. Choose your best writing samples, business plans, collateral materials and research projects.

Bring your professional references on a separate sheet of paper. Also collect current and old data that might be needed for an application. This includes former addresses and phone numbers, the addresses and phone numbers of past employers, your driver's license number, past salaries, GPA, university addresses and contacts and personal references. You never know what you will be asked on an application form.

Prepare questions for the interview process. Remember that you are interviewing them just as they are interviewing you. You want to make sure it is right job for you. Ask all the questions you need to know to determine if the job would be a good fit for you.

Sell yourself. Be prepared to point out your best qualities. Give examples of how you solved problems or saved money at your last job. Offer real world examples instead of giving vague cliché answer to interview questions. Bring out samples of the work you have created and the positive effects it had on your last position.

Send a thank you note to the people you interviewed with. Collect their business cards during the interview and send a note promptly. Thank them for their time and their insight into the company. Reiterate your interest. This action alone will help you stand out from the pack.


Get accurate directions to the interview. Allow plenty of time to get there. Arrive at least a few minutes early.


Never speak ill of past employers. Find a neutral way to explain why you left your last job. Complaining about the job or your past co-workers just makes you look bad.

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