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How to Thank Your Boss for a Raise

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Career resources consistently recommend offering thanks for interviews, job offers and other pre-employment opportunities, but showing gratitude once you have a position displays good etiquette, fosters a positive business relationship and even improves your attitude at work. Although it is typically inappropriate to purchase a gift, spring for a meal or otherwise spend money to thank your boss, a spoken or written expression of thanks is ideal when properly performed.

Saying "Thank You"

Speak with your boss privately to avoid causing any hard feelings with a colleague who did not receive a pay increase. Thank her for the raise, acknowledge your employer's effort and mention how it will affect you. For instance, you might say, "I really wanted to thank you for the salary increase. I know you went to bat for me with the corporate office and I truly appreciate it, especially now that I have two kids in diapers!"

Thank-You Notes

Write a two- or three-sentence note on a blank card or in an email message. Concisely thank your boss for the raise, explaining its significance to you. In addition, mention something else you appreciate about your place of employment. For example, you might write, "Thank you very much for the raise. I was so pleased to see it on my most recent paycheck, as it will help with my recent medical bills. I appreciate the emotional support of our team during this time, as well."


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