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How to Acknowledge Your Boss

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A great boss deserves acknowledgement from not only superiors, but from the people who work for her. Your boss might trust you with the company's best clients or openly supports you during a crisis and could -- but doesn't -- take bad moods out on the team. As far as bosses go, you know you're blessed with a good one. Because of this, it's important that you acknowledge your boss and tell her how much you appreciate, and admire her work ethic and genuine personality.

With Words

Set up a meeting with your boss and tell her how you feel. While there's no need to gush about the wonderful person she is, it's important to state clearly the things she does to make coming to work a happy experience for you. Tell her how you felt in a situation and what she did to make the outcome positive on your behalf. Thank her for the little things she does for the you or the group -- a much-needed cash holiday gift, time off to tend to personal matters or pep rally breaks to get everyone energized. If the little things she does mean a lot to you, let her know and she's liable to keep them up.

Through a Gift

A small, modest gift is likely to be appreciated by the boss. Before doing so, however, consult the employee handbook to make sure it's acceptable. Bring your boss a bouquet full of her favorite flowers or surprise her with delivered lunch during a hectic week. Other ideas include movie tickets, a bag full of favorite candies or a hip, personalized note pad. Accompanying the gift should be a handwritten note or a verbal explanation of why you are thanking her and how much she inspires you in your career.

By Telling Others

Getting the word out that your boss has admirable qualities makes your boss -- and you -- look good. When the team gathers for a meeting, mention how your boss went to bat for you. In addition, stick up for her in situations that are unfair or simply wrong. One way to acknowledge the good she does is by squashing destructive gossip. Another idea is to send an email to her boss, but don't let her know. State how you appreciate the support she gives you, and give one or two examples of her thoughtfulness or leadership abilities that are particularly helpful and motivating. Allowing her to hear your acknowledgement through her boss will be extremely rewarding for her.

Writing a Note

Detail exactly what you are thankful for in a well-versed thank-you note. Just saying, "you're a great boss" isn't good enough. A thank-you means more when it directly gives examples of what you are thankful for, how it helped you and what that made you feel. Also, use a note to acknowledge one of her recent successes, such as a new baby or promotion. Adversely, let her know you are thinking about her ill friend or a death in her family.


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