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How to Be Bold and Confident

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Confidence is essential to well-being and happiness. Without the ability to be bold, your whole life may be affected. For instance, you may be timid in social settings and you may come across badly in a job interview because of your lack of confidence. Developing boldness and confidence will allow you to live your life to the fullest without regrets. Not only will you develop a better self-image, but you will better learn how to communicate effectively with others. The quality of your personal relationships will boost once you dare to become bold and confident.

Write down your fears. You need to take some time to think about what really scares you in life. For example, you may be afraid of speaking in front of people. Write this down. Each time you think of something, add to your list. Do not expect to do this in one day, however. It will take time and effort, but you must identify your fears before you can conquer them.

Take risks and learn to overcome fears. You will gain confidence and boldness, so pick a fear on your list. For example, you may love to sing, but cringe at the thought of belting out a tune in front of others. Go to a local karaoke bar with a friend and sing your favorite song. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. You will become bolder and more confident each time you do something outside of your comfort zone.

Write down your positive qualities. For example, you may be extremely patient. Write this down and and add to the list every day. Carry the list with you, and when you feel nervous or timid, pull it out to boost your confidence. For instance, you may have listed that you value what others have to say. Pull out the list to remind yourself how much you love to communicate with others, even when you aren't feeling confident. Looking at the list is sure to boost your confidence in yourself and thus increase your appeal to other people in your life, especially when you're at a party or engaging a blind date.

Volunteer your time to a worthy cause. For example, volunteer at a nursing home. You will feel a sense of pride in knowing that you are helping others less fortunate. Thus, you will build confidence in yourself. You may even develop skills that will help you in your career. For instance, if your are interested in becoming a nurse, volunteer at a nursing home. You will also interact with other people which will help you become more confident in all areas of your life.

Make meditation a part of your life. Find a quiet place to sit and breathe deeply. Focus on your heart and visualize it as you breathe in. See your heart opening. Release tension or anxiety as you breathe out. Visualize your heart and say to yourself, "I am confident and happy." As Oprah says, "You become what you believe." You can find books on meditation at your local bookstore or library.

Act confident and bold. You may be quaking on the inside, but the world doesn't have to know. Tackle your timidity and be the bold person you are meant to be. For instance, look in the mirror before going to a party and tell yourself that you are a strong and confident person. When you're at the party, introduce yourself to someone you have never met. Look him in the eye and hold your head up. Ask him about his life. You will breathe a sigh of relief when you realize that you lived through the encounter with no dire consequences.

Change your thought patterns from critical one to positive ones. For instance, your mind may be saying, "I am not smart enough to pursue nursing," Tell your mind to be quiet and say something such as, "I am a smart person who can achieve anything." Every time a negative thought pops into your mind, stop it and counter it with something positive. You will start to realize how wonderful you are, and your confidence will grow.