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How to Get a Job on Cruise Lines Offering Craft Classes

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Imagine sailing around the world while teaching people craft projects. Cruise lines need arts and crafts instructors to help entertain their guests, especially on sea days when they cannot leave the ship. If you have a lot of experience with crafts, and are friendly, patient and creative, this might be the job for you.

Teach craft classes at community centers or schools so you can prove to cruise line employees that you have valuable experience.

Write a great resume and cover letter that details all of your craft experience and highlights your skills in teaching craft projects. Explain how you could positively contribute to a passenger’s experience on the cruise ship.

Register with a cruise employment service or agency and search their job listings. Many cruise lines do not seek out candidates through their human resources department, but instead use recruiting agents to find personnel. Apply to jobs you find.

Search the job sections of cruise line websites. It can’t hurt to check directly with the cruise lines, in addition to using an employment service. Sometimes cruise lines do post jobs on their site and you can get information on how to apply.

Sell your skills during the interview. Cruise ship jobs are competitive, so tell the interviewer why you are the best candidate. Express how you could provide a fun and enjoyable experience for cruise passengers and describe some examples of craft projects you would offer guests.

Make sure your passport has not expired. Workers from the United States and Canada need a passport before they gaining employment on a cruise ship.


If offered a position, you must agree to a four- to six-month long contract. Be prepared to pass a required medical exam by the cruise line’s physicians.