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Hotel Sales & Event Coordinator Salary

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Hotels depend on sales and event coordinators to schedule meetings and conventions with businesses and organizations and communicate the details of their rooms and amenities. Most hotel sales and event coordinators work closely with sales and general managers to contact clients, negotiate prices and increase the occupancy rates of their establishments. If you want to work in this field, you need at least a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related major. Your annual salary will vary based on the geographical area in which you work.

Salary and Qualifications

The average salary of a hotel sales and event coordinator was $41,000 as of 2013, according to the job site Simply Hired. To become a hotel sales and event coordinator, you need at least a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, public relations, communications or hospitality management, and one or more years of hotel industry experience in a similar capacity. Other essential requirements are composure and organizational, communication, problem-solving, customer service, negotiating and computer skills.

Regional Salaries

Average annual salaries for hotel sales and event coordinators varied the most within the South region in 2013, according to Simply Hired, where they earned the lowest salaries of $32,000 in Mississippi and the highest of $65,000 in Washington, D.C. They made $32,000 to $44,000 per year in South Dakota and Minnesota, respectively, which were the lowest and highest earnings in the Midwest. If you worked as a hotel sales and event coordinator in the West, you'd earn a low of $33,000 in Montana or a high of $47,000 in Alaska or California. In the Northeast, you'd make the most in Massachusetts or the least in Maine at $50,000 or $37,000, respectively.

Salary Comparisons

While Simply Hired reported an average salary of $41,000 for hotel sales and event coordinators, all meeting, convention and event planners earned average salaries of $49,830 as of May 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meeting, convention and sales event planners earned some of their highest salaries of $75,660 in the aerospace products and parts manufacturing industry. Those in the wireless telecommunications industry earned $74,040, and they made $55,250 working for business and professional organizations. Colleges and universities paid their meeting, convention and event planners $47,560 per year.

Job Outlook

The BLS predicted a 44 percent increase in employment for meeting, convention and event planners from 2010 to 2020, which is more than three times faster than the 14 percent national average for all occupations. Conventions and personal meetings are becoming more important as more companies conduct business internationally. This may increase jobs for hotel sales and event coordinators because many out-of-town conventions are held in hotels. Advancements in technology -- online face-to-face interaction -- may temper job growth for all meeting, conventional and event planners to some extent in the next decade.