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The Disadvantages of Being an Event Planner

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Event planning is a dynamic industry involving many responsibilities. A typical event planner is in charge of coordinating the specifics of an event, like a conference dinner or wedding. They typically order food, arrange floor plans and meet with clients multiple times to discuss all related details. Event planners can sometimes obtain a position in the field with only previous experience, or they may find that a bachelor's degree may be required. While there are fun aspects to being an event planner, possible disadvantages are present as well.


A 2012 study by Career Cast found the job of coordinating events to be one of the most stressful fields to pursue. The career ranks up there with police officers and enlisted military personnel. Events require a lot of successful meeting of deadlines, which can create stress. Event planners also deal with multiple personalities on a daily basis and have interactions with vendors, staff and their clients. There are a lot of demands in a short period of time, which creates a magnitude of stress.

Unpredictable Hours

Event planning is a job where planners customarily work until the event is over. These are typically not 8-5 jobs. A planner might have to work the entire weekend for 12-hour days if they're in charge of an event. Clients like to know that they can trust the person overseeing the event and the planner provides this security by being present on site. If the client knows that they can call on the planner to be at the event itself to take care of any circumstances that come up, they're more likely to be a happy client.

Uneven Schedule

Along with experiencing long hours, an event planner can have an uneven work schedule. Certain events like conferences are planned months in advance and take place over the course of several days, or even just part of a weekend. If the event planner is self-employed, he or she may go through a period of time without another event to organize. Planners without steady work must budget during these times, which can be a disadvantage to a more typical work schedule.

Meeting Budgets

Staying within the budget that a client provides is another disadvantage to being an event planner. Often times, a client's desired outcome may be more expensive than the budget affords. It is then the event planner's job to either create the vision within the allowed amount of money, or report the bad news to the client. Either way, staying within a budget when trying to make someone's dream become a reality can be stressful.


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