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Highest Paying 1099 Sales Jobs for Telecommuters

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 24 percent of Americans in the workforce work from home for at least a few hours per week. However, only 2.6 percent of those workers are considered telecommuters who receive a 1099 tax form at the end of the year, indicating their freelance status. If you strive to be among the highest-paid 1099 contract telecommuters, you'll want to work in sales, especially catering to the service industry or with high-end service providers.

Medical Device Sales Rep or Manager

Medical devices are in demand, and the industry is expected to grow by 40 percent before 2020. It's a competitive industry, but it might be ideal for you if you have a track record of success in sales. Keep in mind that you will need to demonstrate the product you sell and work directly with surgeons, in some cases, while they are operating. So, having a medical background is helpful; the ability to look at medical procedures and see blood is a necessity. Like any other sales jobs, you must build your book of business. Therefore, be prepared to make visits many doctors' offices and hospitals in your first year. The annual pay generally ranges from $200,000 to $370,000.

Digital Media Sales Agent

While traditional media are struggling to keep up with market segmentation, digital advertising is a growing field. Many businesses depend on selling themselves to niche markets online. While this job requires an extensive amount of hours in the beginning, those who realize the most success in digital media sales find a balance in the second or third year. The most popular areas in digital media sales ready to experience even more growth are video-on-demand and mobile advertising on cell phones and other mobile devices. The typical yearly pay: $300,000 to $400,000.

Electronic Medical Record Systems Sales

Not all hospitals and medical centers in the United States have adopted Electronic Medical Record systems, meaning many potential buyers exist. In this field, you must remain consistent and persistent to create relationships with key staff members to make the sale. Often there is ongoing upkeep of the software that you may be responsible for if the company you work with doesn't have a project manager. Despite working as a telecommuter, you often get a title that gives you the authority to speak directly with the staff that makes decisions. The pay can start at $200,000 and climb to $500,000 a year.

Software Sales

A successful software sales professional consults with his clients to make sure the products they buy best meet the client needs. You might need to be skilled at explaining the details and operation of each product. Software sales jobs often require a college degree and prior experience in a leadership role. The annual pay range often falls between $330,000 and $1.1 million.


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