Good Skills & Abilities for a Resume

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Having a strong resume can give you an edge when looking for a job. Regardless of the job you desire, choosing strong, specific skills to include can make your resume stand out among the many resumes a prospective employer may receive. With a goal of including those skills most appropriate to the job you seek, you can help increase your chance of getting the job.

Job-Related Skills

Include all job-related skills -- not only skills directly applicable to the job you're seeking, but any additional skills and abilities that might be useful in the job. These skills can include computer literacy or the ability to use specific office equipment. List your full educational background as well.


Many companies look for employees with the ability to lead. They want people who can work creatively and resourcefully with little supervision. Listing strong leadership skills on your resume can be helpful regardless of the job you're applying for. Follow that with examples of your work history that demonstrate how you put your leadership skills to use. If applicable, try to use strong verbs such as "implemented," "led," "taught" and "spearheaded."


Being well organized and demonstrating that ability with concrete examples can enhance the effectiveness of your resume. Demonstrate your organizational skills by describing situations in previous employment in which you used those skills. If you can, use such words as "structured," "developed," "defined" and "organized."


Many employers look for employees who are always finding ways to improve. Creative abilities look good on a resume, so highlight your most creative accomplishments. Words like "developed," "created" and "devised" on your resume can help make you more appealing to a prospective employer. If you can show an employer you are a problem solver, or can improve work flow through creative ideas, it's a big plus.


Good communication skills are essential in almost every job. Your ability to listen, comprehend and act on what you hear should be articulated on your resume and demonstrated during any job interview. Your ability to communicate your ideas clearly to others is just as important. Demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills on your resume.