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Fundraiser Games

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If you’re raising money for your school or for another worthy cause, there’s no reason why you (and your contributors) can’t have fun at the same time. Go beyond the traditional cake walks, 50/50 raffles and car washes and try more unique fundraiser games. Win or lose, everyone goes home with fun memories and pride in supporting a good cause.

Heads or Tails

Money donations for this game can be collected a number of different ways. Sell tickets at the entrance or collect donations throughout your event. Play the game when everyone at your event is gathered together and sitting in chairs. Have everyone who donated to the Heads or Tails game stand up. The emcee flips a coin and players must decide if it will land heads or tails, putting their hands on their heads or their rears to indicate their guess. Players who guessed wrong are eliminated and sit down. The game continues until one person is left. The winner gets a predetermined prize.

Cow Patty

Fence in an area where you will bring in your cow. Divide the area into several squares, marking squares and numbering with safe, quick-drying paint. Game participants buy squares on the field. When all the squares have been sold, bring in the cow. The first square to get a cow patty wins.

Cutie Pie

Make a board with baby pictures of your organization’s adults (teachers at a school, for instance). Put each picture on an envelope or heart-shaped pocket. Participants at your fundraiser vote for the cutest baby by placing donations into the pocket. The winning boy and girl get a prize, such as a gift card to a restaurant. Raise more funds with a Name that Baby contest. Participants fill out their guesses and turn in their form along with a small donation. The person with the most correct guesses wins half the money.

Bidding for Blue Plate Specials

Participants need a sense of humor for this dinner fundraiser. Each person brings a single serving of a dinner. Dinners can be as simple as a sandwich or as fancy as lobster tail, depending on what each person wants to do. Dinners are covered during the auction but may be revealed during the bidding on occasion to spice things up and encourage higher bidding. Bidding may start high or low to imply the quality of what is being bid on, but opening bids may be deceiving to add to the game. Most items won’t be revealed until the bidding is over. Participants may get a great deal on a steak dinner or end up with the most expensive scrambled eggs they’ve ever bought. All in the name of a good cause.