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The Final Step in the HR Interviewing Process

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Depending on the nature of the job and its level in the company, the HR interviewing process can require many steps. High-level candidates will typically endure a more rigorous interview process than entry- to mid-level workers, but many companies are very selective with every employee hired. The final step in the interviewing process varies according to each company, but typically concludes with a similar set of checks and balances.

Interview With Department Head

Oftentimes with smaller companies or high-level positions, the department head or company CEO may want to meet with a candidate before a hiring decision is made. This executive won’t typically be included in first round interviews, as her time is very valuable. She will simply meet with the concluding round of candidates to help make a final hiring decision. Her opinion may also be needed if the search committee is having difficulty choosing between candidates.

Candidate Review

When all final interviews have been completed, the hiring manager reviews his notes on all the candidates he spoke with. If multiple people are involved in the process, the hiring committee will meet to discuss the candidate. Each candidate is evaluated based on both personality traits and qualifications for the position. The pros and cons of each candidate are weighed and eventually the contender found to be the best overall fit is selected.

Reference Checks

Before extending an offer, many companies require a candidate to provide personal and/or business references. A staffing specialist or in some cases the hiring manager contacts the references to verify a candidate’s past employment history, ensure the skills they’ve touted in the interview process are accurate and to gain recommendations on working with the person. This helps hiring managers to have peace of mind that they’re choosing a qualified candidate with potential to excel at the position.

Extending an Offer

When the final candidate has been selected, the hiring manager works with a staffing specialist to create the official job offer. They determine an appropriate salary for the candidate, any relevant hiring bonuses and a start date. The staffing specialist typically calls the candidate to initially present the offer to her over the phone and follows up by sending a formal offer letter in the mail.


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