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Jockey Truck Driver Training

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A yard jockey driver is trained on the job to drive a tractor that moves containers around a shipping terminal. The jockey arranges the containers in the best possible configuration for loading and unloading cargo at the dock.

Basic Requirements

A jockey driver travels only in the shipping yard and not on the road. Therefore, he may only be required to have a basic driver's license instead of a commercial driver's license. Employers also look for a high school diploma or GED and good communication skills. Previous experience in the transportation industry as a clerk or another position is helpful.

Commercial Driver's License

A Class A commercial driver's license is required for drivers to work at many companies. This license allows drivers to operate a vehicle that weighs 26,001 or more pounds. An applicant must have a good driving record and pass a skills and knowledge test.

On-the-job training

A yard jockey driver learns about safety requirements on the job. The driver also receives training on the logistics of the yard, administrative requirements and communication with plant and dispatch personnel.


Jockey drivers often work nontraditional hours like late nights and early mornings. However, the experience can be helpful in becoming an over-the-road truck driver.


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