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A Fleet Controller's Job Description

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A fleet controller, also called a fleet manager or transportation manager, oversees vehicles operated by a company. This might include a company that specializes in shipping and transport of goods, or a non-transportation company that operates a fleet of vehicles for its own purposes. Fleet controllers work for airlines, shipping and freight companies and retailers.

Education and Experience

Florida Tech Online notes that employers typically prefer candidates with bachelor's degrees. Several universities offer undergraduate degrees in transportation, such as the Bachelor of Science in Transportation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide. Some organizations may require Master's degrees such as a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management or a Master’s in Business Administration. Many also prefer previous transportation and supervisory experience. For example, you must have at least one year of experience in a managerial or administrative role to qualify for a job as a transportation manager for the State of Oklahoma.

Typical Duties

Fleet controllers oversee all aspects of vehicle management, including safety, training and finance. They assign tasks to employees, track shipments and deliveries and coordinate safety training for employees. In addition, they continually monitor the transportation department's efficiency and performance and look for ways to improve productivity, reduce errors, cut back on waste and bolster the company’s bottom line. They also set budgets for the transportation department and approve new acquisitions.

Required Skills

Because they serve as the link between the company and its customers and suppliers, fleet controllers need strong people skills and problem-solving abilities. For example, they might negotiate a contract with a new vendor or address a shipping error or delay. Florida Tech Online points out that employers look for people who are detail-oriented, possess strong verbal and written communication skills and take an analytical approach to the job.

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