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Tool Room Standard Operating Procedures

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Because tool rooms can quickly become disorganized due to many tools being used at one time, it is important to implement a standard operating procedure for such rooms.


In order to ensure tools are not being lost or misplaced, tool rooms benefit greatly from regular inventories of tools and equipment. Specifically, it is important to check that all tools are accounted for and all tools are stored in their appropriate locations.


All tool users, including tool room attendants, mechanics and other such personnel, should sign out all tools and equipment before their use. Once used, tools should be put back in the appropriate location. Personnel should then record this information accordingly on the sign-out sheet.

Tool Requisition

When new tools or equipment are required, personnel should fill out a requisition order, which should include an item number, a description of the desired tool, the cost of the tool, the size of the tool and the weight of the tool.