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Maid Service Training

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The maid and cleaning profession is not unlike any other, where training and education can highly benefit the individual. There are many maid services and training opportunities for maids to learn the basics of cleaning, for example, how to clean quickly and effectively, reducing the amount of time it takes to clean the home.


Seek out training courses in your area for hands-on training on how to effectively clean and become a successful maid, but how to plan and manage your career as a maid or cleaning service as well.


Train to become a maid from online and print resources. Studies help students learn which products work effectively and are also safe to use in the home, for example, if a client has children or pets. The American Maid Service Association provides training DVDs, for a small cost, which train you on the basics of becoming and succeeding as a maid.


Seek employment from a maid service. The best way to train to become a maid is to work as one. Many hotels or independent maid services can teach you a lot of tips and skills you would not learn on your own and you may have the opportunity to work with an experienced maid as a sort of apprentice, benefiting from their expertise.