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Ground Security Coordinator Training

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a professional association representing approximately 230 airlines (as of 2010). The group sets standards for international airline security, as its membership base consists of more than 93 percent of the world’s international air traffic. Ground security coordination is one of many areas in which the organization provides training to airport personnel around the world.

Training Participants

Ground security coordination training is geared specifically toward those who work at an airport. These individuals interact with passengers prior to boarding. This includes airline agents who sell tickets and issue boarding passes, security guards to search passengers and each checkpoint, as well as compliance coordinators who ensure all IATA and national security regulations are properly enforced.

Course Curriculum

Training within ground security coordination covers a wide range of topics necessary to ensure passenger safety and legal compliance. Security awareness, such as pre-boarding, baggage and cargo screening is taught, as are concealed weapon and explosives management, and emergency response methods.

Getting Training

Group security training is offered in a classroom setting on-site. Airports wishing to obtain training for their employee population must contact the IATA to design and purchase a customized curriculum.


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