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The Role of an Administrator on Duty

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The administrator on duty plays an important role in a hospital. It's her job to make sure that everything runs smoothly in each area of the hospital and to assist and problem-solve when it doesn't.


An administrator should be reachable by staff members at all times. Problem-solving is a key part of the job, along with managing complaints and problems, responding to information requests and accidents, and handling crisis and emergency situations.

Additional Duties

In addition to the regular duties, administrators must ensure security protocol is being followed, answer media questions, act as a liaison to other agencies, manage the flow of traffic produced by emergencies and manage staff. Collaboration with physicians, staff and the patients' families to best serve the patients is also part of the position, as well as providing advocate services for patients.


To qualify for an administrator on duty position, applicants must have a nursing license or a bachelor's degree (though a master's degree is often preferred) and at least five years of clinical or management experience. Knowledge of hospital policies, human resources policies, conflict management skills, multi-tasking skills and experience in dealing with a complex organizational system are all needed. The salary of an administrator on duty is about $108,000 annually, as of November 2010, according to


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