How Much Does a Lab Assistant Make?

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Laboratory assistants are employed in medical, chemical or educational laboratories and are responsible for carrying out experiments. There is no national standard for lab assistant salaries as these are dependent on numerous factors.


In November 2010, the average annual salary for a lab assistant was $36,000. Those working in a clinical setting can expect to earn slightly more at $39,000 while assistants to lab technicians can expect to earn $17,000.


The salary for a lab assistant varies among employers. According to GlassDoor, in 2010, a medical lab assistant at a national health care provider earns an average hourly salary of $22.97. Similarly, research lab assistants at a renowned medical school earn an average of $22.13 per hour. However, lab assistants at a nonprofit institution only earn $13.27 per hour.


Lab assistant salaries are also subject to regional variation. Lab assistants in Los Angeles, California, or Chicago, Illinois, for example, earn an average annual salary of $31,000 while their counterparts in New York can earn $38,000. Lab assistants in Houston, Texas, can expect to earn a lesser salary of $29,000 (as of 2010).