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What Are the Duties of a Periodontist Assistant?

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Periodontists are dental specialists that deal with the treatment of problems relating to the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Periodontal assistants have a variety of duties, relating to administrative, examination, and laboratory functions.


Periodontal assistants may be responsible for a number of administrative duties, including greeting patients, answering phones, scheduling appointments, phoning in prescriptions, and scheduling surgeries.

Dental Records

Periodontal assistants are often responsible for retrieving patients' records, updating contact and insurance information, transcribing the periodontist's notes into the records after the examination and then filing the records once more.


Before each examination, periodontal assistants set-up the examination room, laying out instruments, and sterilizing any equipment that was used with the previous appointment.


The periodontal assistant works alongside the periodontist during his examination, handing them instruments and helping as requested by the doctor.


Periodontal assistants may assist with laboratory functions, such as making plaster impressions of the mouth, taking and developing dental x-rays, and making fittings for periodontal work.


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