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Yard Jockey Training

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Plants and warehouses frequently have large yards that receive shipments via truck or trailer-truck. A yard jockey, also called a yard shifter, is trained to move the trailers and containers to facilitate unloading the shipments at the loading dock.

Logistics Training

Keeping the yard neat and orderly is part of yard jockey training. He must organize the cargo in a logical manner based on the needs of the warehouse and whether the goods are perishable.

Equipment Operation

Besides being skilled at unhooking trailers from trucks, a yard jockey needs expertise in operating pallet jacks, forklifts and other heavy moving equipment. She requires skills in safely manipulating vehicles and equipment on various surface types and under assorted weather conditions.

Administrative Skills

Accurate recordkeeping is necessary to track the movement of incoming shipments. Deliveries need verification of content, and discrepancies must immediately be reported to management.

Communication Requirements

The yard jockey is taught good oral communication skills to effectively interact with company personnel. Proper use of hand-held electronic communication devices is part of yard jockey training.