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Hospital Housekeeping Training

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a hospital housekeeping position may seem like an everyday, repetitious job but it is one of the most important careers in disease prevention and control in a hospital. Proper housekeeping training is vital to the health of all patients.

Benefits of Training

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Sanitation is of utmost importance in hospitals. Personnel must be trained to be detail-oriented and thorough in their housekeeping routine. A clean hospital is one entices patients and staff. Incidents of staff infections will decrease and the morale and general well-being of patients will rise.

Training Structure

An employee should be undergo classroom and on-the-job training by an instructor or supervisor familiar with the daily routines of the position. The employee should not perform job duties alone until she understands the basics of housekeeping and the consequences to patient health if they are not performed correctly. Areas that fall under the housekeeping domain include waste disposal, cleaning of public areas, patient room sanitation, and the laundry area.

Training Follow-Up

Training should be followed up whenever the employee is transferred to an unfamiliar area, works with new disinfectants or cleaning products, or fails to complete job duties as expected.