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Bank Teller Online Training

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Bank teller online training is a way to obtain banking skills or improve existing skills. Working as a bank teller requires aptitude in cash handling, customer service and sales. Online teller training programs offer education in these skills as well as other aspects of banking.

The Facts

Bank teller online training is offered through the American Institute of Banking. The courses include training in typical job duties such as accepting deposits and withdrawals and preparing daily settlements.

Other Duties

Bank tellers are required to be customer-service oriented as well as sales oriented. Bank teller online training includes additional training to help train tellers to work effectively with customers as well as with coworkers.


Online teller training also includes training in regulatory compliance and business etiquette. Since bank tellers are often required to make referrals and sales, online course content includes relationship selling and effective referrals.


Employers often prefer to hire tellers who receive formal online training. Banking is constantly evolving, and tellers who choose to learn and perfect banking skills are self-confident and offer above-average customer service skills.