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How Much Income Do Daycare Centers Make?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Daycare Centers provide care and stimulating activities for children of all ages. Facilities catering to children while the parents are busy provide a business opportunity that varies in income possibilities.


Geography plays a large role in daycare center income. Locations where there is a greater need for daycare services often also have higher real estate costs. States with urban-dense cities including Maryland, Connecticut, Minnesota, New York and Massachusetts have higher hourly rates than middle America states such as Kansas.

Age of Children Enrolled

Daycare centers that cater to younger individuals earn larger annual incomes than daycare centers specifically targeted at preschool aged children. In California, there was a $3,000 difference of annual fees paid for full-time daycare for an infant, in comparison to annual fees paid for care of a four-year-old-child. Nationwide, facilities catering to a larger amount of infants will earn more income.


Visual stimulation for parents and children is a factor in deciding which daycare center to choose and the price families are willing to pay for services. Daycare centers that provide inside and outside play equipment such as slides and swing sets, tend to have a higher amount of children enrolled, leading to increased income.