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Job Description of a Process Associate

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Are you someone who enjoys finding ways to make getting a job done more efficient? Are you good at analyzing many facets of a job and streamlining them to get the task done? Process associates meld IT skills and business acumen to help companies make the best use of their resources. This job can go by various titles, including process engineer, business process manager, process developer and operations research analyst.

Job Description

Just as its name implies, process associates work to improve processes, whether to improve the efficiency of manufacturers or boost sales by streamlining account executives' routes. A process manager job description might include analyzing production processes by collecting and analyzing data.

Process associates also communicate with employees and customers to determine what processes get bogged down or work poorly. They use this information for statistical analysis and simulations of ways that processes might be improved with practical solutions. As they identify production flow flaws, they talk with company managers about new technology and trends that might help heighten efficiency. This means developing new production schedules or efficiencies in managing the supply chain. This can affect everything from how products are organized on shelves of stores to the best way to store or ship merchandise.

Process associates must have mastery of a number of computer skills to help track and analyze work flow so that they can improve it. A process developer job description would require experience in using software for data tracking, presentations and database management.

To get an idea of what a job might entail, a process manager job description sample for Capitol One says, "You will lead a team of smart, talented associates responsible for modernizing systems and processes that deliver excellence to your customer each and every time. Your team will lead the delivery of flawlessly executed, well managed use cases representing new features, systems, partners and products in the new Card Acquisitions decision platform which will improve customer experience, business efficiency and drive results for our small business, commercial, contractor, private label and Walmart lines of business. You will play a key role in delivering well managed, re imagined and streamlined processes that impact the company’s bottom line and our customer's lives for over 30MM prospective customers each year."


Most process associates have a bachelor's degree in such fields as computer science, engineering, business analytics, or math. Because the job is multidisciplinary, most students take courses in all these subject areas. Important math courses include linear algebra, statistics and calculus. Computer science is also a primary component of a process associate's job that they use to analyze data and make predictive models, so they need courses to understand advanced statistical and database software.

To gain access to more advanced jobs, some process associates may also get a master's degree. Most in the field take continuing education courses to stay abreast of advances in technology and software.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 114,000 operations research analysts, another name for process associates or process managers. Twenty-eight percent work in finance or insurance, while 22 percent work in professional, scientific, and technical services. Nine percent work in corporate management, and another nine percent work in manufacturing.

Years of Experience

Process associates' or process engineers' salaries generally increase with time on the job and experience. Sources vary, and one projection looks like this:

  • 0 to 2 years $66,477.
  • 2 to 4 years $79,877.
  • 4 to 7 years $94,612.
  • 7+ years $112,173.

Job Growth Trend

Jobs for operations research analysts are expected to grow by 26 percent between 2016 and 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reflecting the historically rapid growth of technological change. Jobs will be more plentiful for those with master's degrees.


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