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Beginners Metal Lathe Projects

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Beginning metal lathe projects can vary and include the use of tooling made specifically for a lathe. By understanding the lathe with simple cutting processes, you will be able to easily grasp the creation process of more complicated parts.

Rubber Mallet

Make the handle for a rubber mallet, perfect for use in a machine shop, on a lathe. Cut the handle, which is also known as turning, on the lathe, and use the knurling tool after you have finished to create a grippable surface.

Ball Peen Hammer

Create the handle of the ball peen hammer out of aluminum or brass. You will also need to make the head of the hammer, which will teach you several techniques including how to create a radius with a lathe machine as well as how to taper off a distance with the manual cutting wheel.

Machinist's Scribe

Make a machinist's scribe from aluminum. This will help you practice knurling as well as how to work with small parts on a metal lathe. The scribe has three parts that must fit together.


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