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Entry Level CNC Operator Training

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

CNC stands for computer numerical control, and CNC machines include lathes, mills and routers. Operating a CNC machine is the most basic of CNC-related jobs and involves placing raw material for production runs and maintaining and cleaning the machine.

Training Providers

Trade schools provide entry-level training for CNC operators, and often offer job placement as well. Online courses provide video instruction on CNC concepts for operators. In addition, some metal shops offer training for entry-level employees if you are interested in a career as a machinist.


Entry-level training includes all the necessary information regarding machine types as well as basic operating procedures. Topics covered in training include how to start the machines, change tooling and set up raw material to be cut.


Basic math knowledge and the ability to accurately use measuring tools such as micrometers, calipers and indicators are all essential skills for a future CNC operator. Training requires attention to detail and logical thinking to avoid accidents and costly mistakes.