Walmart Customer Service Job Description

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Walmart customer service associates are the company’s front line of assets who work daily with customers to answer questions and address any concerns they may have. They are responsible for answering the phone and processing returns and exchanges, and they may occasionally have to ring up purchases. Customer service associates must interact with customers in a pleasant, professional manner.

People Skills

The first thing you will need as a Walmart customer service associate is people skills. You will work with the public on a daily basis, and the very nature of the job puts you in contact with customers who may be disgruntled or angry. Many customers come to customer service in need of a return or exchange, and they may be upset that their purchase did not turn out as expected. You must remain calm when dealing with angry customers while processing the return or exchange. You must be attentive and alert to prevent falling for scams that involve returning merchandise. You must use your best judgment to know when to involve a customer service manager to help solve a customer’s problem.

Multitasking Skills

As a customer service associate at Walmart, you will have a variety of duties that must all be attended to. In addition to processing customer returns and exchanges, you must also answer the phone, address complaints and concerns, and in some locations you may have to issue Moneygrams or cash paychecks. You must be knowledgeable about Walmart’s policies and how they apply to your position, and must also be aware of schemes and scams to avoid being taken in by them. You must keep your cash drawer accurate and balanced at all times.

Managerial Position Skills

Walmart also employs customer service managers, who often got their start with Walmart as a customer service associate. Customer service managers are responsible for overseeing cashiers and the front of the store, making change for cashiers, addressing customer concerns and training employees. You may also be responsible for stocking, running registers during cashier breaks and changing displays. This position requires good teamwork and leadership skills, and a close familiarity with Walmart’s company policies.

No Required Experience

Walmart does not require a specific education level for their customer service associates, but having a high school diploma is preferred, as that demonstrates that you have basic reading, writing and mathematics abilities. Customer service or management experience can be a big plus, as that experience can help you perform their duties with more accuracy and confidence. If you wish to move up to customer service management from this position, management experience or a secondary education degree may be helpful. Walmart provides initial paid training for customer service employees that covers how to process transactions and how to handle customer complaints and compliments. They also provide computer-based learning modules that you may be required to complete over a period of time.