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Walmart Cashier Job Description

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With more than 1.5 million employees working in its U.S. stores, Walmart is a job creation giant. The retailer employs cashiers in all of its 5,000-plus American stores, and these workers play a huge role in determining the type of experience that customers have. Anyone who shops at Walmart and has been stuck in a long, slow line knows the value of a fast, friendly and accurate cashier. Do you have those abilities? If so, your closest Walmart might be looking for you.

Job Description

In small shops, cashiers might have a variety of duties, including stocking shelves and answering phones. That's not the case at Walmart, where cashiers are expected to man their stations at all times. Walmart cashier duties are similar to those duties performed by cashiers in other stores.

Cashiers are expected to greet customers at the beginning of each transaction, then scan and bag their items. The cashier rings up the total and accepts payment, which might mean counting out change or helping a customer use the credit card terminal. A Walmart cashier is trained to operate the store's POS (point of sale) system, so she'll also do things like scan coupons and void a sale if the customer changes his mind. Cashiers are also responsible for keeping their stations neat. When a cashier has no customers, she might straighten magazine or candy displays or organize her cash drawer.

Walmart stresses that its cashiers play an important role in customer service. These workers are expected to be friendly and welcoming to every customer, and to thank and say goodbye to customers at the end of each transaction.

Education Requirements

One of the things that draws job applicants to Walmart is the store's lax policies about educational requirements. In fact, the Walmart careers application used for cashier positions doesn't request any information about an applicant's education, and some former Walmart cashiers say that they were hired, in spite of not having a high school diploma or a GED. The company even offers assistance for employees who want to complete their GEDs.

But because these jobs do require some basic math and reasoning skills, candidates who didn't finish high school should know that Walmart job openings may end up being filled by applicants who have more education.

Years of Experience and Salary

Experience doesn't play much of a role in determining a Walmart cashier's earnings. These jobs don't pay much, if any, above the minimum wage. Walmart says that its full-time employees earn an average hourly wage of $14.03, but that figure includes pay across all positions.

Specifically, Walmart cashiers report earning between $8 and $11 per hour, depending on location. Even part-time cashiers may be eligible for benefits, including health insurance.


Walmart has stores in all 50 states, and every one of them employs cashiers. Cashiers may work full-time or part-time. Scheduling flexibility is one of the perks that attracts cashiers to these stores. Many stores are open 24 hours a day, so students or stay-at-home parents might prefer to work late-night or overnight shifts to keep their days free.

Prospective cashiers should know that these jobs can be tedious and somewhat physically demanding. Be prepared to stand for an entire shift.

Job Growth Trend

The continued employment of Walmart cashiers depends on the chain's success in coming years. If sales drop and stores close, these jobs will be harder to find. As of 2018, Walmart's earnings are projected to continue rising at least through 2022, which should keep cashiers' jobs safe.


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