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What Is the Meaning of a Job Profile?

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Job profiles, also known as job descriptions, summarize the details of a position. One key goal of a job profile is to help hiring managers determine whether candidates are a good fit for the position.


Job profiles list a general description of the work position, including required duties, position goals and departmental placement, including the position's direct supervisor. Also, job profiles list candidate educational and experience requirements. Many job profiles also list the position's salary or hourly wage.


A job profile presents a clear picture of the position to the candidate. After reading the job profile, job seekers can make an informed decision as to whether the job is right for them. For applicants, a well-written job profile serves as a valuable interview preparation tool.

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Applicants should consider that a job profile is a general overview of a position and that they might have to perform tasks outside of those listed. Employers should realize that the best candidate might not meet all of the job profile's education and experience requirements and be flexible in the hiring process.

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