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Configuration Specialist Job Description

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With many organizations increasing consumption of information technology products and services, more positions are being created for IT professionals. Configuration specialists are responsible for readying computer software, applications and systems for use. They also participate in the manufacture of software, where they help to ensure development of products that meet user needs. Although most configuration specialists work for software publishers, others find jobs as in-house specialists in business entities, educational institutions and government agencies.

Doing the Work

Configuration specialists working in the IT departments of various organizations configure software so it works efficiently. For example, when a business wants to install a new filing software, the configuration specialist helps to set up the program in several computers. If some workers require training on using the software, the specialist conducts the training and provides any additional support they may require. In software development, configuration specialists communicate customer-specific preferences to the software designers and engineers. After the software is ready, the specialist may conduct configuration tests to verify it executes the required functions.

Getting There

To get started as a configuration specialist, you need to obtain a bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science or a closely related field. Employers also prefer applicants with excellent planning, analytical, communication, technical and problem-solving skills. Although not an essential employment requirement, having configuration management experience can improve your prospects. To improve your competence and career progression prospects, you can earn professional certifications offered by the Institute of Configuration Management. You could also pursue a master's degree in project management to become an IT project manager.


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