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Job Description of a Prepress Manager

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A prepress manager oversees an important step of the printing process. Prepress managers are responsible for taking an image, created either by a client or graphic designer, and preparing it to run on a press.


Prepress managers create a “plate” of an image to run on the press. They do this either with chemicals and ultraviolet lights, or with digital imaging via computers. Prepress managers then prepare the image for press operators, who print off the image.


Prepress managers often interact with customers, making sure images are correct before they go to press. Prepress managers must possess strong communication skills. They also need to be sound leaders in hiring and organizing a staff.


Most prepress workers hold entry-level positions and can be hired with no more than a high school diploma. However, many obtain an associate's or even a bachelor’s degree for the purpose of advancement.


With technology becoming more of a factor in the printing process, jobs for prepress workers are expected to decline by 13 percent through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Prepress supervisors earned anywhere from $40,000 to more than $62,000 per year in June 2010, according to


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