Duties & Responsibilities of an Electrical Manager

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An electrical manager oversees a team of maintenance professionals who coordinate and carry out all tasks related to the repair and improvement of the electrical systems of a facility. As head of a department, an electrical manager performs a variety of duties.

Staff Management

An electrical manager oversees a team of electrical service professionals, scheduling them for work, assigning tasks and reviewing their performance.

External Vendors

When work must be performed through the use of external vendors, an electrical manager sources and hires them, negotiating all service contract agreements.


Employers require electrical managers to keep detailed records of all pending and completed work orders, maintaining these files in an organizationally implemented record-keeping system.

Department Budget

An electrical manager may be responsible for preparing and maintaining his department’s budget, tracking all expenses as they occur.

Legal Compliance

It is important for an electrical manager to ensure her team performs all of their duties in compliance with any laws that regulate the field.