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Responsibilities of a Healthcare Facilities Manager

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Healthcare facilities managers, according to the American Hospital Association, are certified positions that carry the responsibility of maintaining the facility and its operations and code compliance. The healthcare facilities manager is also involved in planning, design, construction, finance management and administration. Education and work experience requirements must be met for certification with the American Hospital Association.

Facility Responsibilities

A healthcare facilities manager must have an understanding of the building’s design and equipment needs. Maintenance of equipment such as HVAC, refrigeration, electricity, plumbing and elevators is required along with knowledge of medical equipment, and groundskeeping. The facility manager may be asked to be involved with the design or renovation of the building by soliciting and evaluating contractor bids, consulting with architects, engineers and other contractors. Other responsibilities include managing hazardous materials, managing compliance with the Life Safety Code, coordinating with doctors and departmental managers, developing programs to manage healthcare and utilities assistance equipment, create deferred maintenance schedules, and participate in emergency training and drills.

Code Conformity and Finance

The healthcare facility manager must be familiar with standards for state, federal and private facilities as well as standards applicable to the healthcare facilities industry for organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, Americans with Disabilities Act, Environmental Protection Agency, National Fire Protection Association, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The manager is also responsible for developing and keeping within the operating budget. He must be able to negotiate service agreements that meet the facility’s budgetary goals. Policies concerning human resources are set out, and adherence to those policies is controlled by the facilities manager.

Maintaining Certification

Healthcare facilities managers are responsible for maintaining their certifications, which are available through the AHA. To be eligible for certification as a healthcare facilities manager, the candidate must have educational and work experience. She is given a 110-question exam regarding tasks that AHA considers essential elements of being a successful facilities manager. AHA’s certificates are valid for three years. To renew the certificate, the facilities manager must either retake the certification exam or document 45 hours of continuing professional education. One qualifying option for eligibility to take the exam is a Bachelor's degree and three years of associated engineering experience in a health facility, including three years of administrative experience in a healthcare setting.


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