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When you're perusing job openings, reading the descriptions of what your responsibilities will be is often the biggest indication of whether or not you're suitable for the position. Those descriptions are called definitions of duty. They clearly outline what the job entails, which duties are primary, and what skills and education the position requires. If you have to write a definition of duty, there are several points to keep in mind to make your description concise and effective.

Creating a Definition of Duty

An essential step in creating a definition of duty is separating essential duties from marginal ones. In other words, you must decide what the main responsibilities of a job are and which ones the employee will perform far less often. Ask yourself why the job needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Pittsburg State University recommends creating a bullet list of job duties and then, in the left margin, saying which percentage of the worker's time will be spent on each duty. Make it clear what environment the work will be done in and what physical or educational requirements, if any, are needed. For example, if the job involves a great deal of lifting or climbing, or if the job involves extreme temperatures such as one in a grocery warehouse, mention it in your definition of duty.


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