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Group Coordinator Job Description

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A group coordinator is a professional who plans and executes events for a certain group of people. Events may be for large or small groups, in a professional or leisurely setting. Specific responsibilities of a group coordinator vary but may include inviting guests, managing event staff, setting an event budget and following it, hiring vendors and greeting guests.

Travel Group Coordinator

A travel group coordinator manages group and conference lodging reservations. She serves as the point person for the group, answering questions and satisfying accommodation requests to ensure the happiness of all members. Managing reservation blocks, responding to billing inquiries, troubleshooting issues, providing reservation reports to management, confirming all reservations with guests and maintaining detailed information on each group are standard responsibilities associated with the position. A travel group coordinator has excellent communication skills, is very detail-oriented and has outstanding time management abilities. Companies typically require professionals to have previous hospitality experience and a minimum education of a high school diploma.

Volunteer Group Coordinator

A volunteer group coordinator assists in community outreach by developing volunteer policies, conveying the message of the organization, recruiting volunteers, training them and offering direction on projects and at special events. These professionals have excellent interpersonal skills, are highly adaptable, eager to learn, a natural leader, a great team player and have a strong desire to complete work that makes an impact. A volunteer coordinator is typically required to have a minimum education of a high school diploma, but experience and educational level vary by organization.

Work Group Coordinator

Group coordinators work in a variety of corporate settings, providing assistance in reporting, client communications and project work. Responsibilities commonly associated with the job include monitoring project progress, working closely with internal and external teams and regularly communicating with clients. A group coordinator has strong business skills and patience, is an excellent communicator, and is highly skilled at motivating others and incredibly organized. A bachelor’s degree is typically needed to be considered for the job.

Political Group Coordinator

A political group coordinator leads political campaigns for candidates, unions and advocacy groups. Standard responsibilities include serving as a liaison between the campaign and the local community, creating voter engagement plans, fundraising, monitoring local policy issues, identifying publicity opportunities, garnering support from local organizations and recruiting and training volunteers. A political group coordinator is dedicated, hardworking, outgoing, a natural leader, a team player and truly passionate about the job. Previous political experience and proven leadership abilities are required to hold this position.


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