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Job Description for a Project Consultant

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Job descriptions for project consultants can vary broadly depending on the specialty. For example, a consultant specializing in home bathroom renovations would likely have a much different educational background than say, a project consultant hired to help build the next space shuttle. But there are some similarities, regardless of the specialty.

Attention to Detail

Project consultants are generally assigned to specific initiatives that have defined start and end dates. To see the project through and contribute to its success the consultant must be skilled in her subject area and and highly organized.

Typical Responsibilities

A project consultant will generally work at the direction of a project manager or other supervisor. The consultant will be assigned a specific task whose completion will contribute to the overall success of a larger initiative. For example, a building contractor might hire a project consultant specializing in bathroom renovations as just one part of a complete home remodeling project. Each project may be different, but in this case the project consultant would meet with the homeowner about the bathroom renovations, analyze the project and then create a plan for completion.

Educational Background

A high school degree, along with some work experience, is sometimes enough to land a job as a project consultant. However, more education, on up to the master's level, may be required for some specialties. All consultants need good computer skills, along with a deep understanding of their craft.

Interpersonal Skills

Getting along with people of diverse backgrounds is critical for the consultant as he moves from one initiative to the next. Great listening skills and the ability to communicate clearly in both written and oral form are also important.

Specific Qualifications

Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.

Demonstrated business knowledge.

Excellent oral and written communications skills.

Proven organizational skills.

Strong presentation and negotiation skills.

Detail-oriented with an ability to work independently.

Proven personal computer skills including experience with Microsoft Office.

Previous experience with project management software and methodology a plus.


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