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Job Description of a Behavior Technician

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A behavior technician, also called a psychiatric technician, behavioral management technician or behavioral health technician, works with people who have mental illnesses or behavior problems. Training requirements can vary from a post-secondary certificate to a bachelor’s degree, depending on the position and state in which the technician is employed.

Helping People Manage Behavior

Behavior and psychiatric technicians typically work under the supervision of a licensed professional such as a registered nurse or physician or a school administrator. Job responsibilities vary according to the setting. In mental health, the individual could provide direct physical care to patients who are too disturbed to manage their own hygiene. Psychiatric technicians often give medications. Behavior technicians in school settings might supervise patients’ interactions with others and help them manage their behavior, teach those ways to deal with stress or help restrain a child who has a behavior outburst. In any setting, the technician might help deal with a crisis. In addition, the technician documents her findings and care, attends meetings or team conferences regarding her patients, and collaborates with other members of the mental health or educational team.