What Is the Cost of a PMP Certification?

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The Project Management Professional certification offered by the Project Management Institute has a number of costs to consider. In addition to the exam fee, there are renewal and continuing education costs. You aren't required to become a PMI member to get the certification. However, membership reduces the initial exam fee as well as ongoing renewal fees that come due every three years, and might also lower continuing education costs.

PMI Membership Costs

An annual PMI membership costs $139 the first year and $129 for each renewal, as of publication. Discounted exam pricing and up to a 20 percent discount on PMI Store purchases and e-learning materials are among the financial benefits of enrolling as a PMI member.

Credential Fees

Credential fees differ not only according to whether you are a PMI member, but also according to whether you take the standard computerized test or qualify for paper-based testing due to your geographic location or testing environment.

As of publication, PMI members who take a computerized test pay $405 the first time and $275 each for up to three retakes, while nonmembers pay $555 and $375, respectively. PMI members who take a paper-based test pay $250 the first time and $150 for each retake, while nonmembers pay $400 and $300, respectively.

Credential renewal costs are $60 every three years for members and $150 for nonmembers.