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Non-Profit Board Member Job Description

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A non-profit board member can be a full-time or part-time job, voluntary or paid position depending on the organization. Non-profit board members become familiar with the organization's mission and remain up to date on the laws regarding the 501(c) status of the non-profit organization, employee law, and other pertinent legal and financial information.


A non-profit board member stays in touch with other board members, attends all meetings as scheduling may permit, and attends to assigned or volunteered duties.


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A board member remains active during discussions by contributing to the information, ideas, debates, plans, and bringing related information to the table.

Fund Raising

Non-profit board members willingly volunteer and accept appointments for fund raising activities, presenting a professional attitude to the public.


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The non-profit board members review the organization's budget and financial reports, hire outside auditors, formalize polices in regard to travel, meetings, and board member expenses that may be reimbursable.


Non-profit board members recruit and vote on new board members, assisting in filling key positions when terms are expired. In some cases, board members review and assist in formulating employee compensation packages including benefits.


The executive administrator reports to the non-profit board, following the policies developed by the board of directors. The board members develop the job description and hire and review the executive administrator for the organization.