Site Supervisor Construction Job Description

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Construction projects require coordination between many different contributors. Laborers, managers, supervisors, clients and other stakeholders work together to ensure that the projects proceed as planned. Construction supervisors are vital to the process, using their experience to guide different types of workers to successful completion of a project.

Education and Training

The minimum education requirement for most site supervisors of construction work is the completion of a high school diploma. Some supervisors opt to continue on to postsecondary programs such as engineering, construction management and construction science. A solid educational background is important, but previous construction experience on work sites is equally or more crucial when pursuing a promotion as a supervisor, if only to avoid spending time with on-the-job training. A few supervisors earn their stripes through years of construction experience.

Range of Skills

In order to excel as a construction site supervisor, candidates must develop a range of physical, social and intellectual skills to lead their workers to success. Experience with construction tools such as saws, trowels and welders is vital to many construction projects. Computer software that monitors project schedules and communications assist supervisors with ensuring timely completion. Developing excellent social leadership skills help supervisors promote positive morale, increasing worker efficiency and effectiveness. Dealing with difficult workers may require a supervisor to use diplomacy and persuasion to correct improper behavior.

Construction Supervisor Duties

The main duty of a construction site supervisor is the coordination and supervision of their workers. They provide schedules for their workers and assign tasks to construction laborers. Construction site supervisors liaise with contractors, managers and other stakeholders, ensuring that all parties remain coordinated. Supervisors translate blueprints into plans, organizing the equipment and manpower necessary to complete the project. They are also responsible for maintaining safety and quality standards, as well as keeping detailed records of construction site activities.

Range of Compensation

The average yearly pay for construction site supervisors is $63,230, a figure that varies when focusing on specific types of construction work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2012, supervisors who work on nonresidential building projects earned an annual average of $65,710 while residential building construction supervisors earned $59,390. Street, highway and bridge construction supervisors made $63,790 per year and utility system construction supervisors collect a mean of $62,790 per year.