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Job Description for a Salon Artistic Director

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A salon is a term used to describe an exhibition of works of art--including visual, literary and musical--either in a commercial cultural facility such as a museum or in a private residence. The artistic director of a salon is responsible for programming all works.

Overseeing Personnel

The artistic director is responsible for hiring and managing all personnel required. This may include everything from ticket takers to bartenders.


An artistic director actively pursues new artists and/or works of arts. Reaching out to booking agents, gallery owners, artist collectives and the like, this individual solicits them to present in the salon.


The annual budget of the salon is the responsibility of the artistic director. This individual ensures that all bills are paid and financial records are diligently kept.


Serving as the spokesperson for the salon, an artistic director actively promotes the event or facility in an effort to attract an audience.


According to a report by Simply Hired, the average artistic director employed in the United States of America earns a salary of $49,000 per year.