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Job Description for National Sales Manager

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Being a national sales manager requires a lot of dedication, attention to small details, management and customer-oriented. A national sales manager's duties can vary depending on the company.


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Most national sales managers perform the same responsibilities, however some responsibilities may be different. General duties include hire/fire, train and motivate sales executives, manage toward a goal of profitable revenue growth for a company , represent a company as a leader, coordinate the development of sales promotion and lead generation activities.


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Most national sales managers are paid a set salary, which averages $63,000, plus bonuses based on performance. Paid holidays and sick days are included with benefits, along with dental and health.


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National sales managers can be promoted to executive who manage national sales managers and report to the CEO.


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Many national sales managers are required to travel, communicate well with subordinates and superiors and sometimes work long hours.

Education and Experience

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This position usually requires a four-year degree and four to six years' relevant experience.


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If you have a hard time managing people, communicating or have difficulty promoting companies, this position may not be for you.


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