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What Is a Computer Specialist?

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In the computer industry, there are many jobs available. The jobs in the computer field are often geared toward certain specialties. Computer specialists are often found installing, maintaining and repairing computers.

Computer Repair Specialist

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The computer specialist who specializes in repair often works at his own business, similar to that of a car mechanic. Many corporations and even small businesses utilize on-site computer specialists to repair hardware, software and even some networking issues employees may have with their computers.

Certification of Computer Specialists

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Computer specialists are usually, though not always, certified through national certification organizations, as well as vendor-specific certification. They need to be competent and proficient in the installation, maintenance and repair of the computer and many of its components.

Education Requirements of Computer Specialists

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Many computer specialists hold a degree in computer science or related course work from a college or trade school. While many computer specialists hold a degree, some computer specialists pursue industry certifications through independent study and successful completion of industry certification exams.

Salary of Computer Specialists

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Many computer specialists who work for a corporation or small business are paid either an hourly rate or salary just as any other employee within the company. Computer specialists who own their own computer service shop often are paid on a case-by-case basis for the costs of parts, labor and services, much like auto mechanics.

Jack of All Trades

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While computer specialists usually specialize in installing and maintaining hardware, the computer specialist usually carries a wealth of knowledge about everything concerning computers. This is an advantage to the client because clients often feel comfortable interacting with one person rather than many people when dealing with computer problems.

Job Duties of Computer Specialists

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The computer specialist may provide on-site support, installation and maintenance. The computer specialist may also provide phone support to guide the user through diagnostic and repair procedures for many computer problems.