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Personal Banker Job Description

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Personal bankers are customer service professionals with significant knowledge and skills related to banking. Their role varies slightly from bank to bank, with some banks using personal bankers exclusively for high-end customers and others referring to many customer service workers as personal bankers. Your pay will be dependent on the bank, your location, your job duties and your experience.

Sales Component

At many banks, the primary role of a personal banker is to educate customers about new products and persuade them to buy those products. At Bank of America, for example, a personal banker job requires a year of sales experience. You might suggest to customers how a specific credit card or loan could help solve a financial challenge, or offer accounts to consumers who aren't happy with the terms of their current bank accounts. You may have to meet specific sales benchmarks by selling a certain number of products or helping the bank meet a certain profit threshold.

Customer Service

At most banks, personal bankers fill a customer service role, but the nature of the role varies. At Wells Fargo, for example, personal bankers provide in-person and phone-based customer service. As a personal banker, you may answer questions about financial products, explain or clarify bank policies, and offer one-time credits or refunds to customers who complain about fees.

Management Opportunities

At some banks, personal bankers fill a management role or have the opportunity to graduate to management. Wells Fargo allows personal bankers to move into management roles, and encourages them to take on leadership positions as personal bankers. For example, you might work with a team to increase sales, offer guidance to a new personal banker or help create a bank promotion.

Financial Advice

Most personal bankers give financial advice to consumers, but the nature and depth of the advice depends on the bank. Some banks require personal bankers to be licensed, and these bankers tend to offer more in-depth advice about credit and banking. Personal bankers whose primary role is as a customer service or sales expert offer only tangential financial advice, often with an eye toward selling a specific bank product.