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Production Supervisor Responsibilities

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Production supervisors typically work in manufacturing plants where they supervise workers, oversee maintenance operations and maintain workplace safety. These professionals often hold a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering or business administration, and need strong leadership, problem-solving and time-management skills. The major employers of production supervisors include fabricated metal manufacturers, transport equipment manufacturers, chemical manufacturers and food manufacturers.

Increasing Production Efficiency

The main responsibility of production supervisors is to help manufacturing firms achieve their production goals and objectives. To do this, they ensure the plants have enough production workers in all the workstations. In a motor vehicle manufacturing plant, for example, the production supervisor ensures the plant has enough machine setters, fabricators, assemblers and system operators. The supervisor also develops job descriptions for these workers, supervises them while at work and provides training to enhance their job skills.

Ensuring Workplace Safety

Production supervisors also maintain workplace safety in manufacturing plants. They ensure maintenance and repair contractors work on production equipment as needed and conduct inspections to check whether employees performing dangerous jobs are wearing protective clothing, such as hard hats and gloves. Production supervisors also work toward maintaining the quality of manufactured products. They inspect raw materials to confirm they meet the company’s quality requirements, monitor manufacturing processes and make recommendations to senior engineers on how some process can be improved.