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Roles & Responsibilities of the Quality & Safety Coordinator Position

Product quality and safety are important issues for U.S. manufacturers and service providers. Given the number of quality and safety standard bodies there are, it is clear that organizations are under constant pressure to show a commitment to quality and safety. This has given significant importance to the position of quality and safety coordinator.

Compliance and Audit

A quality and safety coordinator is responsible for ensuring compliance with quality standards. These standards vary from industry to industry, so it is customary for a quality and safety coordinator to specialize in a particular industry. It is also a quality and safety coordinator’s duty to run audits on an organization’s production and distribution processes to make sure they meet all of the standards. This audit should reveal any risks posed by the product, the manufacturer or the product supply chain.

Investigation and Approval

The quality and safety coordinator helps to investigate complaints from customers and devises ways of dealing with them. When new products are developed, he makes sure they meet quality standards by approving every stage of development. This approval process covers raw materials, assembly, packaging and labels. During production, he reviews the process regularly to make sure the manufacturer maintains standards of quality and safety.

Education and Training

The process of ensuring that products and services meet all requirements begins at the production stage. As a result, there is a need to provide employees with training on maintaining strict quality standards. The quality and safety coordinator leads regular training for employees to make sure they have up-to-date knowledge of quality and safety standards. Other than employees, customers may need training on safe use of products and this responsibility falls on the quality and safety coordinator.

Compiling Reports

Every manufacturer has a written professional statement explaining its compliance with legal standards, regulations and industry guidelines in production. The quality and safety coordinator compiles this report, an essential document for responsibility and risk management for the company.