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Benefits for Auto Mechanics

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Dealerships generally offer automotive repair technicians sick and vacation days, paid holidays, uniforms, 401k, health and life insurance, training and tool reimbursement as benefits.

Franchise Shops

A franchise automotive repair facility, such as Midas or Tuffy, offer benefits that include sick days, paid holidays, vacation days and uniforms.

Private Garages

Private automotive repair garages offer few benefits to automotive mechanics. Benefits include sick and vacation days, and paid holidays.

Unofficial Benefits

Automotive repair technicians often have access to "unofficial" benefits, such as using shop space for personal vehicle repairs after hours, purchasing parts for personal use at a discount, and avoiding labor costs associated with vehicle repair.

Tools of the Trade

Automotive mechanics are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of their own tools. Several independent companies, such as Matco and Snap-On, make weekly ounds to repair facilities to replace, warranty or sell tools to automotive technicians. This benefits automotive mechanics by making tool purchases and maintenance convenient.


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