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The Average Salary of a UPS Maintenance Mechanic

Boasting locations in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, the United Parcel Service is a shipping and logistics company that employs millions of people. This international company is easy to recognize with its brown trucks, planes and company uniforms. UPS employs a wide variety of workers, including mechanics to maintain its large fleet of delivery trucks and vehicles.

Job Description

UPS maintenance mechanics work at UPS shipping hubs or warehouses and perform preventative maintenance on UPS transportation trailers and package delivery vehicles. They are responsible for diagnosing and performing all necessary repairs to both gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. These maintenance mechanics also work on vehicle electrical systems and hydraulic and air brake systems. According to the UPS website, the typical work shifts for maintenance mechanics are second and third shifts.


The mechanic maintenance position pays around $30 per hour as of June 2011. Some areas of the United States pay mechanics $29 per hour, while mechanics in other areas earn around $31 per hour. In certain parts of the U.S., UPS automotive mechanics are part of work unions. Some are part of the teamster union, while others are part of the International Association of Machinists. In the areas that are union-based, the union influences the pay. The other main aspect that influences the hourly wage is the type of vehicle the mechanic works on. For example, trailer mechanics make slightly less than power mechanics.


UPS offers benefits to both part-time and full-time employees, including maintenance mechanics. Some common UPS benefits include medical and dental insurance, retirement plans, paid vacation and sick days, and company stock options. Employees who are college students can take advantage of the company college tuition reimbursement program.

Job Requirements

Prospective maintenance mechanics must meet specific requirements. For example, you must have a minimum of five years of documented automotive mechanic experience, as well as be able to proficiently use diagnostic equipment, such as scan tools and a computer. Maintenance mechanics also must possess their own personal hand tools for use on the job. They must hold valid Class A commercial driver’s licenses as well. Other requirements include the ability to lift up to 70 lbs. and meet all the requirements to become certified in power industrial truck operations.


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