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Regulations for Food Cart Vendors

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If you've ever eaten something off of a food cart, you may have wondered if these compact cart on wheels are being regulated. Well they are, and in some cases they are held to an even stricter standard as compared to restaurants. You cannot simply buy a cart, put it downtown in your city and start selling. There is an official process you have to go through before becoming a food cart vendor.


The rules and regulations for street food carts varies from state to state and town to town.


A food cart vendor must have an official permit from the town or city where he will sell food.

No Blocking of Government Property

A food vending cart cannot block any government owned apparatus, such as a fire hydrant or stand pipe.

No Blocking of Business Doors

Many jurisdictions prohibit food vendors from parking their carts in front of the doors of other businesses.

Regular Inspections

Because the public health is at stake, food carts are inspected regularly, the same way that restaurants are inspected.